Thursday, November 28, 2019

Building a trap dipole for 7 and 14 MHz

I'm not a huge fan of trap dipoles. They work well enough but with room for only a few antennas I prefer to get several more bands out of them. Nevertheless if you're happy with a couple of bands then one can be a good project. And there's no antenna couplers to twiddle, unless you operate near the edge of the antenna's bandwidth. 

Anyway here's a video on one for 7 and 14 MHz to enjoy. I did it a few years ago but it continues to be popular. 

PS: Many other antenna topics are covered in Hand-carried QRP Antennas. Available in electronic and paperback form (some countries) this well-reviewed book is a popular read amongst hams who go portable.

 Link to find out more about Hand Carried QRP Antennas

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