Thursday, March 28, 2019

Antennas for bicycle mobile

I've never gone bicycle mobile. I don't think I've even worked anyone whose been bicycle mobile.

It presents a formidable challenge. You're limited for space and weight. The bike's frame provides only a rudimentary ground plane for a vertical (which is most often used). And your station has to be easily operable while pedalling along.

2m and 70cm FM are obvious choices with repeater coverage and small antennas. Capability on 6 and 10 metres provides some variety during the summer sporadic-E season with great contacts up to about 3000 km possible. And at other times you might be able to work bands like 20 and even 40 metres with a suitable antenna.

Anyway, here's some ideas. Even if you don't go bicycle mobile, the tips might be useful for pedestrian mobile or even apartment balcony operating as well.

* ARRL's guide to bicycle mobile antennas (pdf)
* KS1G's bicycle mobile station (pdf)
* $5 antenna for HF bicycle mobile
* VK4MSL 40 - 6m bicycle mobile antenna
* Bicycle Mobile Hams of America

Let us know your bicycle mobile experiences in the comments below if you try any of the above.

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