Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Indoor HF antennas

You don't have a backyard, courtyard or even a balcony? Poor thing! Still, unless you're in an underground bunker, you'll probably be able to come up with a way to put out an HF signal, even if it's only on super-efficient digital modes like WSPR.  Receiving may even be harder than transmitting due to the electrical noise found in most of today's homes.

A lot of portable and pedestrian mobile antenna ideas can be modified for indoor use. In fact construction may be a bit easier as you don't need to worry about weatherproofing.  But don't compromise on the quality of conductors (use only copper wire) or connections (preferably short, stout and soldered) to keep losses down.

Indoor antenna choices include attic antennas, magnetic loops, loaded dipoles and more. Here's some ideas.

* G4ILO's stealth antenna options
* K2ZS indoor stealth antenna
* KL7JR indoor rectangular loop
* Indoor shortwave receiving antennas for SDRs 
* QST articles on indoor and limited space antennas
* The DX Zone's 7 ideas for indoor antennas

Failing that you could go out portable. But I don't think you will fail with all the ideas above.

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