Monday, May 18, 2020

151 MHz wireless microphone range test (and how I got started in amateur radio)

I like little radio transmitters. I found a little one in a box of junk from a hamfest last year. It turned out to be more interesting than expected. It was an FM wireless microphone on 151 MHz. Fortunately I have equipment and antennas that can receive on that band so I did some range tests. 

The first two tests were done with the transmitter fixed and me walking around with the receiver. I used both a VHF handheld and an FT817 on SSB with a small beam. Understandably the latter gave longer range. 

The third test was with the FT817 (on FM) connected to a home station antenna and me walking around with the wireless microphone transmitter. This took advantage of the 817's better sensitivity. In this video I also talk about how I started in radio. As the video's unedited I drop out as I walk further away. Then I come good as I return.

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