Wednesday, May 27, 2020

My six most viewed videos

What are my video viewers most interested in? Fortunately YouTube allows sorting of videos by popularity. Antennas seem to be a common thread, especially magnetic loops. People also like crystal sets. Anyway here's the top six. Happy viewing! 

1. 100w magnetic loop

2. Homebrew software defined radio

3. Choke 'balun'

4. Triband end fed half wave

5. A demonstration of a crystal radio

6. My favourite magnetic loop for HF pedestrian mobile (actually no longer my favourite as I since built a newer lighter one of aluminium described in another video)

Final note. After about 18 months of writing this blog I've decided to cease adding to The Daily Antenna blog. I've enjoyed it, but as you might have noted from the decreasing frequency of posts, it was becoming somewhat of a chore to come up with material. Taking time that I'd rather spend doing experiments to make videos about. Thanks to you all for reading and commenting. I'll continue to be active with the following: 

VK3YE website

VK3YE YouTube

VK3YE Radio Books on Facebook

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  1. I've really enjoyed this blog! I'll continue following you and Youtube and FB, and I think your website is one of my many bookmarks. Many thanks! 73 de Jeff, KF5KWO, Texas, USA


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