Monday, February 25, 2019

Homebrew 70cm (430 MHz) antennas

70cm is a good band for experimenting with antennas. Unless you need very high gain the antennas are small. This means that you can experiment without fear of wasting much material. And you don't need much room either.  Potential uses for 70cm antennas include FM and repeater work, long distance SSB contacts, digital modes and satellite communication.

Here are some ideas for 70cm antennas:

ARRL's ground plane antennas for 70cm (and other bands) - PDF
PA1CA 70cm quad loop
PG1N's massive list of 70cm antenna links
N8PR's simple 70cm yagis (PDF)
11 element 70cm yagi A project by VK3ZZC
Simple 70cm satellite antenna by ZS1AN
4 element handheld quad for 70cm video by LilBlighter
A bobtail gain antenna for 70cm One of my videos

PS: Puzzled about some of the terms you hear? This dictionary can help with over 1500 explained.

 Link to Ham Radio Dictionary

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