Thursday, February 7, 2019


If there is one topic that unites radio amateurs of diverse sub-interests it is probably antennas.

Whether you are an apartment-dwelling digital modes devotee, acreage-living big gun DXer, or  cross-country mobileer, you're going to need one (or more) effective antennas.

The choice is almost endless. Not only the type of antenna you use but whether you buy pre-made, assemble a kit or build from scratch. Information is essential to choose something that best meets your needs.

The Daily Antenna will provide one post per day on a particular antenna type, accessory or related technique.  Posts will be concise, running to a few paragraphs maximum.  I will often include links to articles, blogs, forum posts and YouTube videos. Linked items will have been vetted by me and considered to be of good quality.

Who am I? I've been a licensed amateur for over thirty years. For most of that time I've been building QRP gear and antennas.  Not having a lot of yard space at home but with large expanses of sandy beach nearby I'm heavily into portable and pedestrian mobile operating. I maintain a popular YouTube channel and write books on amateur radio topics. Further information about me is at:

vk3ye . com website
VK3YE YouTube channel
VK3YE Radio Books on Facebook
VK3YE QRZ profile

I wish you happy reading and encourage your participation through the comments section.

73, Peter VK3YE

PS: To support The Daily Antenna, please start your Amazon shopping here . You won't be charged extra and I'll get a small cut from any purchases you make (affiliate link). You can buy lots of stuff there, including electronic parts and my books.


  1. Introduction now on YouTube

  2. Good luck Peter, I'll look out for your posts. I'm a experimenter myself. Always looking for another good antenna. 73, Bas


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