Friday, February 15, 2019

The Bi-Square

Another rarely heard antenna on the air is the bi-square. Probably due to its size. And many prefer coaxial cable to the 300 ohm ribbon feedline that the bi-square normally uses.

If you think a single element quad loop (1 wavelength perimeter) is large, double its size to get an idea of the bi-square's dimensions.  But despite what it looks like from afar, the bi-square is not quite a real loop since it is split at the top.

Still, if you have one tall tower (at least 3/4 wavelength high) the bi-square may be worth considering. It's basically a bidirectional gain antenna. If you've already got the wire the construction cost is low. And you may be able to use some ingenious remote switching with relays to change the antenna into a large loop for other bands. 

Bi-square ideas and discussion here:

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Curtain antennas W8JI explains how the bi-square is related to the Lazy H
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28 MHz bi-square used portable My one and only bi-square test (video)

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