Thursday, January 16, 2020

Get your free sample 'On the Air' magazine from ARRL

ARRL has launched a new magazine for beginners to amateur radio. It's called 'On the Air'. 

I like it. The first edition includes articles on propagation, using repeaters, extending your transmitting range, public service communications, buying a handheld transceiver and more. 

The first edition is available as a free sample by clicking here

PS: More detail on operating, also suitable for new hams, is in Minimum QRP. It's the top-selling manual on the equipment, antennas, operating and strategy of successful low power amateur radio operating. And its techniques work for 100 watts as well. It's available for under $US 5 each in electronic form. Or you can get a paperback version. Visit VK3YE Radio Books to find out more. 

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