Sunday, January 19, 2020

Introducing More Hand-carried QRP antennas (ebook)

There's no doubt that building antennas is a popular activity amongst hams. This is reflected in the sales of my books; Hand-carried QRP antennas consistently ranks as the most popular with thousands sold. 

We're overdue for another volume. Not because anything in the first book is out of date but because the antenna field is so wide that only a small fraction can be covered in one book. 

Hence the new release: More Hand-carried QRP antennas. With the basics covered in the first volume, this gets straight down to business with descriptions of over thirty antenna projects. There are also some background articles and ideas for the antenna experimenter.

More Hand-carried QRP antennas devotes more attention to upper HF, VHF and UHF antennas, complementing the lower-HF focus of the first volume. But you'll still find projects for bands down to 1.8 MHz, including some exciting loop and loaded pole ideas.

Everything presented has been built and tested by the author over almost 30 years of successful QRP activity.

More Hand-carried QRP antennas is available in ebook format with a paperback edition coming soon. It's the author's seventh book, following on from popular previous titles for QRP operators, antenna builders, radio beginners and more. 

The price is the same as with the first book; under five US dollars or five euro. 

To learn more watch the summary video below, search the title in Amazon or head over to the book's page on my website

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