Sunday, September 8, 2019

Amateur radio transmitting from public transport

The benefit of doing amateur radio on public transport is you have both hands free and you can pay full attention to your radio contact rather than having to concentrate on the road. The main disadvantage is you're very restricted with your transmitter power output and antennas. And if it's crowded you might not wish to operate at all. 

Here are some videos where I try various modes of amateur radio in public transport. 

2 metres FM. Here I'm in northern Tasmania. Having great results with 2m FM from inside a coach with a modified indoor TV antenna. 

HF WSPR from inside a bus. 

More HF WSPR success from inside a bus. 

Because it's an efficient mode and its users often have excellent antennas, 2m SSB can do quite well. Also don't overlook the possibilities of modes like FT8 or JS8. You will need a horizontally polarised antenna for these.

Others have done more ambitious things. Eg working through amateur satellites from trains

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