Friday, September 6, 2019


CW, SSB and the common digital modes aren't the only use for QRP. Slow Scan TV can work as well. You can download software (like MMSSTV) or use a mobile app to send audio to your SSB transceiver. If you're not doing a test with someone on the other end you could monitor your signal with a live SSTV cam. 

Your QRP signal will be a bit grainer than those running high power. Tips to minimise the effects of this including using high contrast slides and using a good solid font for your callsign. Repeating your callsign can help defend against interference bursts.  It also helps to use a slower transmitting speed. 

Below is an example SSTV webcam. I was running 5w on 80m from about 300 km away. 

Below is an account of a milliwatt test with VK4VJR

This one's only a couple of days ago. It's an SSTV contact over 450km in the middle of the day on 3.5 MHz.

Give SSTV a go. Even with QRP. Let me know the results you get in the comments below.

PS: Into low power amateur radio? Minimum QRP is the top-selling manual on the equipment, antennas, operating and strategy of successful QRP operating. It's available for under $US 5 each in electronic form. Or you can get a paperback version. Visit VK3YE Radio Books to find out more. 

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