Thursday, October 10, 2019

Closure of an electronics shop - Truscotts of Melbourne

The rise of software over hardware, increasing shop rents and online ordering from China has made the independent electronics shop a threatened species. Here in Melbourne we're luckier than most cities. We still have outlets from the Jaycar and Altronics chains, and there is still Rockby

But until a month ago there was also Truscotts Electronic World in Croydon in Melbourne's east. As well has stocking the usual parts there were also hard to get items like RF ICs and variable capacitors. Along with various surplus stuff. Enjoy these pictures as I go for a walk through back in July. 

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  1. South Croydon and Truscott Electronics. My teenage years electronics hobby store. I was there a fortnight ago only to find the stored closed forever.

  2. Nice montage Peter. Lots of dusty memories. It's a shame many of these little guys can't compete anymore.
    Thanks for sharing......

  3. I used to love going there, would have been around 1994-1995 for all my CB Radio and any other RF needs.


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