Monday, March 9, 2020

Link dipole vs 20m end-fed wire antenna - what works best?

You can do a lot with 20 metres of wire. You could cut it in two, feed it in the middle and have a dipole. Put breaks along it and make it a link dipole for a couple of extra bands. That works fine with coax cable and no antenna coupler. Or you can feed the whole 20 metres at the end via an L-match coupler. 

Which works better? I did a midday test on 40, 30 and 20m WSPR. How I did that and the results achieved are in this video. 

Something to note is that there are errors on the 30m slide. The numbers are right but the conclusions are not. The dipole was mostly worse not better. You'd need to do more comparisons at various times and over more paths but the learning here is that a non-resonant length of wire can do OK. 

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