Friday, March 20, 2020

Some SSB reception from amateur satellites

Many of the popular low earth orbiting amateur satellites are basically a very high FM repeater. They work well and signals are strong. And not much frequency adjustment is required to compensate for Doppler. However they only allow one contact to happen at once. 

A little harder to receive are satellites with linear translators. However they have the advantage of allowing multiple CW, SSB and other contacts within their 20 kHz or so bandwidth. And low earth orbiting type, like the Chinese CAS series, can still be received on simple antennas. 

Watch this video for a demonstration. Signals were audible from three satellites within a few minutes of each other making it a bumper evening of reception.
Here's an earlier video I did where I used a handheld transceiver on 70cm to transmit a carrier which was received. 

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