Wednesday, March 25, 2020

VI3RA activity on 160m from Radio Australia site

Many will be aware that Radio Australia ceased its shortwave transmissions a few years ago due to government cuts. This video shows reception during its last days.

A pirate (using SSB) came up to mock this decision. I caught snippets here.

The site has been idle for a while. But the Shepparton Amateur Radio Club was able to get access to it to give the antennas one last use, but this time on the amateur bands under special event callsign VI3RA a week or so back. The antennas were pointing the wrong way for Melbourne and short-distance propagation was unfavourable so I didn't hear them very strongly (or at all) on 7 and 14 MHz. But they were good signals on 160m. Here's some recordings I made. 

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