Friday, June 14, 2019

Antennas and transmitters used for animal tracking

Amateurs have to be innovative with antennas because we normally have less budget than commercial radio spectrum users. And our communication needs are different, with a general preference for DX communication at low to medium transmit powers. Available space may be limited and we might want one antenna to work on several  bands.  

It's interesting to read about other radio users. They have a whole different set of requirements for antennas. Some are tougher than what we hams have to design for. 

One example is antennas used for animal tracking. These would normally be attached to a VHF or UHF transmitter. The antennas need to be inconspicuous and not harm the animal's life or movement. 

Here are some items on antennas (and transmitters) for animal tracking you might find interesting:

* Wikipedia item on wildlife radio telemetry

* Telonics . com product range of tracking devices

* ATS Systems Australia animal tracking

* Perdix radio tracking tags

* Biotrack radio telemetry

* Use of UHF modules for animal tracking (pdf)

Have you used any of these? Or even built some? Please let me know your experiences below.

PS: Want to read more about antennas? Consider this selection of antenna books. They are affiliate links meaning that I receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you decide to purchase.


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