Saturday, June 1, 2019

Proppy: An online propagation forecasting tool to play around with

Radcom, the Radio Society of Great Britain's magazine, publishes HF propagation information each month. These give an idea as to what bands are open where.  

A limitation is that the information presented is a 'one size fits all'. For example if you run very good antennas with very efficient digital modes you will get propagation at many times the charts don't say there should be. Conversely if you're only running low power to mediocre antennas you will do much poorer than what the charts indicate. 

Developed in collaboration with the RSGB's Propagation Studies Committee, you can now run predictions tailored to your station's characteristics with a new online tool. You enter your location and get information on what you are likely to work, at what frequency and at what time. 

Example charts produced are below:

It's interesting varying your station characteristics to see what Proppy can come up with.

Explore it for yourself here:

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