Monday, June 17, 2019

Ham antennas in the snow and ice

It very rarely snows in the towns and cities where most Australians live. But it does regularly in the high country. Which affects amateurs who live in such pockets (possibly to exploit the altitude) or who build and maintain repeaters and beacons in such locations. And snow is widespread in parts of North America, Europe and Japan where many readers live. 

Some antennas are better than others when it comes to endurance under snowy conditions. Then there's ice. The weight of that can easily weigh down and break antenna elements. 

Here's some experiences and tips from people who have had to encounter snow and ice in their antenna installations or operating: 

* W1GV video on snow and ice on antenna feed lines

* Question and answers on ice affecting a dipole's VSWR indication

* Stopping snow static by Joseph Kopeczy

* Operating in cold weather by KB9VBR

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