Thursday, June 13, 2019

Antennas on wheels

What do you do if your station is a little too heavy to carry by hand? One answer is to put it on a trolley that you pull along. That allows you to easily carry batteries and transceivers that support 50 to 100 watt operating. As well as sturdier antenna masts as may be required if you require greater height or rigidity.  

A wheelable station wouldn't be much good for Summits of the Air or National Parks where you're trekking through bush. But it's just the thing if your operating takes you to seaside locations where there are often jetties where you can wheel it onto. Hand-carts can be taken to more places than cars. That's often a big advantage if you want to get right over salt water and maximise your transmit signal. 

Here's a look at trolley station and antenna installations others have built: 

* M0DAD trolley (video below)

* M0OYG trolley system

Antennas used with trolley-based stations are typically verticals. Often they're used with tuned counterpoises. You can read more about those here.

PS: If you're into other types of portable antennas, including those you can carry everywhere without wheels, check out my book Hand-carried QRP antennas. Read worldwide it's been favourably reviewed by many. Available in both paperback and ebook. 

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