Thursday, July 4, 2019

Flagpole vertical antennas

A lot of my readers are Americans. Many will be flying the Stars and Stripes today. Even if you're not particularly patriotic, a flag pole is great to have as an antenna mast, especially if you're otherwise restricted with what you can put up. 

Flagpoles can be useful for several reasons. They could support a very thin end-fed wire or inverted vee. They could be loaded up to operate as a vertical (if metal). If plastic, you could conceal a vertical antenna inside one. If you only need VHF or UHF you could conceal a Slim Jim or J-pole made from ladder line inside the top section of a non-metallic flagpole. 

Some ideas are below:

* VK2OMD critique of short off-centre vertical dipoles (as sometimes used in flagpole antennas)

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