Thursday, July 18, 2019

Receivers I have used (with video reviews)

 I've owned a variety of receivers over the years. Good and bad. Here's a few words about them and accompanying videos. Most aren't current models so you'll need to look on the secondhand market to find them. Note that some of the early videos are a bit blurry but they get better later on. 

Astor radiogram

The one that started it all for me. Had three shortwave bands - 19, 25 and 31 metres - so I could only hear broadcast stations (and WWV). But its bandspread was good so tuning was easy. 

National Panasonic GX3

The standard 1970s receiver with AM, FM and a shortwave band or two. Terrible frequency readout and tuning resolution and they can drift a bit. But work with SSB with a BFO at signal frequency. 

Optimus Extended Range receiver

Basically Radio Shack/Tandy answer to GE's Super Radio - but apparently not as good. Good for broadcast band reception. 

Sony SRF-59

A tiny receiver but a very special design. Incredibly good AM broadcast band performance. Prized by lightweight DXers. 

Digitech AR1748

This is the big chunky receiver you see me using in the first photo. Quite good for AM and FM but not having a BFO limits its use on shortwave. 

Digitech AR1780

This is my current 'go to' general coverage portable receiver. I like it. It has a wide tuning range (more than stated in the instructions) and is quite sensitive, selective and stable. Its only annoyances are its memories are difficult to use and it seems to draw a bit of current from the batteries when switched off. 

PS: Interested in buying a new receiver? Browse these links. They are affiliate links meaning that I receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you decide to purchase.

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