Friday, July 26, 2019

Got an obscure subinterest in radio? There's probably a group for it.

Amateur radio has so many specialty interests. There's even specialties within specialties. Some of the topics are more obscure than the subforums you see on amateur radio discussion groups you see on eHam, QRZ or Facebook. 

Where do you find them? At one time many special interests gathered on Yahoo Groups, with their own little email groups. You can either receive messages as emails or read them as threads online. And there was a files section where you could post reference articles and pictures. 

Sometimes Yahoo Groups has been unreliable. That caused many to switch over to . There's a huge number of groups on various aspects of amateur radio. Here's one search. Try other specialities or locations for groups that match your interests. Some groups allow you to read their messages as a visitor while others need you to sign up (it's free). 

What interesting groups have you found? Please leave your finds in the comments section below. 

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