Friday, August 30, 2019

Success with Milliwatting

QRP is normally thought of as running 5 watts or less (sometimes 10w on voice modes). If that isn't enough of a challenge there's always milliwatting. That's common for WSPR experiments but less common for modes like CW and SSB. Yet it's possible to cover hundreds if not thousands of kilometres with milliwatts of power if the conditions are right and your antenna is efficient. 

Here are some video demonstrations of milliwatt communication. 

VK5PAS reception of me running 200mW SSB on 40m

USB-powered milliwatt homebrew transmitter test

Running milliwatts during a field day contest

PS: Enjoy reading? Consider this selection of amateur radio books I have written. They are available in ebook or paperback. The most useful for milliwatting would be 'Minimum QRP'. 


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