Saturday, August 24, 2019

NEW! Introducing the Australian Ham Radio Handbook

I've got a new book out! It's the Australian Ham Radio Handbook. It will help you become a radio amateur, set up a station and make contacts on air.

Written for Australian conditions it covers practical topics that existing licence study and theory books miss. For beginning and experienced hams alike, it's an ideal read for anyone interested in taking up, continuing in or returning to amateur radio. A bit more about it is in this video. 

Click here if you'd like further information. It's currently available as an ebook but there'll also be a paperback version soon. 

What if you're overseas? I won't stop you buying it but be prepared for a lot of Australia-specific content. Stuff like band plans, frequencies, licence levels, activity and suppliers probably won't be useful. For material on operating you're probably better off with Minimum QRP. Or for the various facets of amateur radio, such as what a beginner might wish to know about, then 99 things you can do with Amateur Radio would be more suitable. 

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