Thursday, August 15, 2019

Review: DCT DSB/CW QRP transceiver kit from OzQRP

In the last few weeks I've been reviewing a new kit from OzQRP. It's a DSB/CW transceiver kit. It puts out 5w. You can choose between 80 and 40 m versions. In the video below I try out the 80m version on CW and DSB, including in a local contest. 

More details, including the instruction manual and ordering, can be found on the OzQRP website.

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  1. Pity it wasn't 20/40m instead of just single band..

    Not sure how it will sell in a market swamped by cheap BITX40s.. ?

    Still it's healthy to have plenty of choice in a crowded market.

    73 Steve

  2. Can the DCT support digital modes (e.g., PSK31 or Olivia)?

    1. Good question. You'd need to make up an interface box as it doesn't have VOX. And the DSB receiver won't be as good as a single signal one. But I don't see why not if you take care of that. But it would be desirable to wind the power down to avoid stress on the final transistor.


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