Monday, April 27, 2020

More MSK144 receiving on 6m

Six metres or 50 MHz is often associated with high sunspot activity like we haven't seen for a couple of cycles. And it's true that's when most of the really long distance DX is worked. 

But 50 MHz is not a one trick pony. For example in summer there's sporadic E propagation for some really strong signals even with low power and small antennas. That should be exciting for those in the northern hemisphere. And throughout the year there's meteor scatter communication. Modern digital modes allow at least exchanges, if not real conversations, to be frequently made. Even if your antennas are fairly modest. This latest video is a few mornings of receiving 6m meteor scatter activity on a very basic HF wire antenna and noisy location. Stations from as far away as 1500 km were decoded. 

New to MSK144 and meteor scatter? You might enjoy my first video where I try receiving it on 50 and 144 MHz. 

Now's a great time to be reading books. Especially with not much else to do. 

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