Friday, April 10, 2020

VI3RA - more about the station

In a previous post I mentioned the VI3RA activity from the former Radio Australia transmitting site just outside of Shepparton, Victoria. Amateurs were able to load up the antennas one last time.

Here's a bit more about the site and activity. Below is a video tour by Lee VK3GK. It describes the station and antennas.

Operations like these require a lot of work. For a behind the scenes look read the various accounts in the newsletter of the Shepparton and District Amateur Radio Club. This will be an event many will remember for many years. Many local and DX stations were worked. There was also a repeat of the achievement from many years ago of bouncing HF signals off the moon. 

Now's a great time to be reading books. Especially with not much else to do. 

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