Monday, April 13, 2020

New ebook! Make Your Passion Pay: Writing non-fiction ebooks for fun and profit

Being shut in getting you down? Lots of people are reading ebooks with sales currently booming. Why not write one? It's not hard if you've got a favourite sport, hobby, cause or passion. This concise ebook tells you how. It covers topic selection, planning, writing and marketing, drawing on my experience of writing seven previous successful ebooks. This video tells you a bit about it.

For more information visit the Make Your Passion Pay Facebook page. You can also search the title on Amazon. It's great value at just $US 2.99 (or equivalent). Direct links from popular countries are below.


  1. New ebook! Make Your Passion Pay: Writing non-fuction ebooks for fun and profit


    Hi Peter,
    You may wish to edit this title. Sounds like a good read.
    Paul VA3ZC

  2. Thanks Paul - Apparently New Zealanders talk like that but we don't so I've corrected the title. Luckily it's all correct in the book!


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