Wednesday, April 1, 2020

VK5WAT in the local Field Day

Last weekend I had the use of VK5WAT - the callsign of the VK QRP Club. My access to it coincided with the annual John Moyle Field Day where stations go out portable to work each other (and home stations).

Clubs cancelled their multi-operator efforts but many went our as single operator stations. And here in VK3 the weather was perfect for field days: cloudy, 18 degrees with no wind.

Anyway this video shows my activities. I operated about 4 hours on the afternoon and 3 hours on the following morning. The morning activity was under a shelter as light rain was forecast (we only got occasional drizzle). I used an FT817 to a 20m wire end-fed.

A total of 84 contacts was made, mostly on 40m. However there was some DX including to the US on 20m.

Now's a great time to be reading books. Especially with not much else to do. 

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