Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Homebrew antennas for 23cm

It's the 23rd of the month so what better than to discuss practical antennas for the 23cm (or 1296 MHz) band?

Even more so than 70cm, you can achieve very high gain with a small antenna. Although you do need to be very accurate with your measuring and cutting. Another side-effect is that higher antenna gains mean narrower lobes. So you need to be more accurate with your pointing. Or, particularly if your activity involves working though local repeaters over a fairly unobstructed path, you may be able to get away with omnidirectional low gain vertical antennas.

Here's some practical ideas to get you thinking on 23cm antennas:

* DJ9YW 23cm yagi for DX
* PA4DAN 23cm yagi
* VK1AD's 12 element yagi for portable work
* VK1AD's compact bi-quad antenna
* WA6SVT omnidirectional vertical collinear

PS: After portable antennas for lower frequencies? There's ideas in the top-selling Hand-carried QRP antennas. Available in ebook or paperback it's been favourably reviewed by hams all around the world.

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