Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The horizontal loop

Do you have a squarish backyard? Maybe it's not long enough to fit in a dipole for your desired lowest frequency? If so then the horizontal quad loop might be worth considering. Especially if you want something effective to work locals on 80 and 40 metres.

A wavelength of wire perimeter on the lowest frequency of operation, it goes by several names including the 'German Quad'. Its enclosed loop is said to make it a good receiving antenna. And operation on multiple bands is possible, especially if fed with open wire line to an antenna coupler.

The shape is normally square. Though it doesn't matter if not all sides are equal if that is convenient for the four trees or masts you will need to find to mount it. It could even be triangle. But it is desirable to enclose as much ground area as you can.

Here are some horizontal loop links that will get you started:

* 4X4LH horizontal quad antenna
* AB2RA on why you should use a horizontal loop
* DJ0IP 8 band horizontal loop
* K5RCD horizontal loop
* N4KC horizontal skywire

I've never built one. But I've heard excellent signals from them. So if you're looking at trying one it's something you might be happy with.

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  1. I've used one for years in wintertime. A excellent performer especially on 80m up to 15m. Wrote several articles about it and also made videos building it. Just google for "pe4bas horizontal loop". 73, Bas


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