Thursday, April 18, 2019

Triband end-fed antenna for portable use

40 & 20 metres is a good two band combination. You can cover a wide range of distances on them over much of the day.

If you want a portable antenna that you can use without adjusting an antenna coupler when changing bands then this convenient end-fed antenna may be the answer. It operates as a full sized half wavelength vertical on 14 MHz and a loaded vertical on 7 MHz. Plus it works on 10 metres as well.

The antenna is 12 metres of wire with a loading coil 10 metres from the feedpoint. At the feedpoint is a small transformer unit to step the 50 ohm transceiver impedance up to the few thousand the antenna needs. The short counterpoise can be a few metres of wire.

You can buy them commercially but it's also fairly easy to build your own. The only other item you need is an 8 or 9 metre telescopic pole to act as a mast. Watch this video to learn how to build one and the results achieved.

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