Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Antennas for 2200 metres (136 kHz)

Even more than 630 metre antennas, those for 2200 metres would appear almost impossible to accommodate in a typical suburban backyard. Even a horizontal half wavelength dipole would be over 1km long. And its effectiveness would be limited by its height of only a tiny fraction of a wavelength. And even the world's tallest manmade structure (Burj Khalifa in Dubai)  would be barely 1/3 wavelength high on 136 kHz.

Still, amateurs have had success with 136 kHz operating. Even from suburban locations. Well before 2200m became an amateur band, Americans have had access to a 160 - 190 kHz segment (often known as LowFER - or Low Frequency Experimental Radio). Antennas for this segment can be modified to operate on 136 kHz.

Here are a few LF antenna ideas to try: 

* N1DAY 630m/2200m antenna
* VK5FQ 2200m antenna
* K0LR computer modelling LowFER antennas
* ON7YD antennas for 136 kHz

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