Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The beverage antenna for low band receiving

Have a long narrow yard? Want the best possible reception of long distance AM broadcast, 1.8 and 3.5 MHz amateur band signals? If so a beverage is the antenna for you. If you can't hear them you can't work them and a Beverage will give you an edge over those using their noisy vertical for receiving as well as transmitting. 

The main thing you need is wire. Lots of it. Eg a wavelength on its lowest operating frequency. If it's some solace though, the one Beverage will work on several bands. The other key parts you need are a terminating resistor (470, 560 or 680 ohm) and a ferrite toroid to match the antenna to your receiver's 50 ohm. Beverages are directional, with maximum response roughly off the terminating resistor end. 

The ferrite is at the receiver end. The receiver is connected to the primary winding. One side of the secondary winding is earthed while the other goes to the Beverage's antenna.  At the other end the Beverage wire connects to ground via the terminating resistor. Great height is not required. Even an old fence (with timber posts and a remaining top wire) could be used. 

Get a good drink and read more on Beverages here:

* Steve Whitt Build a basic Beverage
* W8JI on beverages
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* Advanced beverage antenna designs (pdf) 

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