Sunday, May 5, 2019

Laptop bag HF magnetic loop for portable WSPR

This is probably the least efficient transmitting antenna I've ever built. If it was a commercial product it would probably rank high in reviews as a 'lemon antenna' mentioned a few days ago.

It's a magnetic loop for 7 and 10 MHz that can fit inside a laptop computer bag. Why would you want to do that? 

I had a special reason. It was to try transmitting WSPR from inside a bus. And I succeeded. Watch the videos below to see how it's done and the results I got. 

Constructing the loop

WSPR from inside a bus

More WSPR from inside a bus

PS: Want to get the most from low power amateur radio? You need Minimum QRP. It covers the equipment, antennas, operating and strategy you need to succeed with QRP. It's available as an ebook or paperback and has been favourably reviewed.

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